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Dark Moon, Dark MoonEr are a few tricks you've learned to survive the post-apocalyptic wastelands – and the main trick is making weapons from everything you can find.

You've made the Vibro Glaive from the various leftovers you've found on your travels, including some bronze and iron. It took some ingenuity and a lot of patience, but now you have a weapon that cuts right through raiders and would-be thieves.

Dark Moon's Vibro Glaive is a latex weapon made for techno-knights and mechanically-inspired fighters. The Vibro Axe is 190 cm long and has a 100 cm long handle that is hand-painted to look like metal. This glaive features a realistic generator and cords that connect it to the blade - although built to produce vibrations to cause more damage when cutting. The leaf itself is 70 cm long and 7.5 cm wide.

Made from durable foam with closed cells around a sturdy fiberglass core and finished with a strong latex coating, you can be confident that this LARP weapon will provide the safety and appeal you want when making your post-apocalyptic kit.

An example of a weapon you might find after the end of the world...
Used as protection when you inevitably run out of bullets for your gun...


BrandDark Moon
CoreØ 16 mm Hollow Fiberglass Tube
Weight750 grams/26.46 oz
Grip length 91.5
Leaf length53.0
Crossguard Widt19.0
Handle Circ13,5
Material 1Soft EVA foam
Material 2Latex

Universe Dark Moon

Strong latex coating with a round fiberglass core
Strong Kevlar core top protection
Made from sustainably sealed cell foam that doesn't tear
High security approved by the top organisations

All weapons with a latex coating require a certain amount of maintenance. For this we recommend the use of maintenance silicone, which are available separately in the category LARP accessories. Epic Armoury Maintenance Silicone is a simple, spray-on application, 100% pure and acid-free making it safe to apply. We recommend that you use maintenance silicone regularly. It retains the flexibility of the latex layer and prevents dehydration, which keeps the product wear-resistant.

Keep your latex weapons flat or on the pommel--NEVER at the tip. Use a simple sheet or towel to prevent it from touching a plastic or rubber surface to prevent your weapon from sticking to other products. Keep your weapons in a cool, dry environment.

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