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Brand      : Alchemy

Item       : E390L

Collection: Pewter Earring


An elf's ear of swirling, Victorian, verdant flourishes.

A polished, antiqued pewter pointed elf-ear-shaped ear-wrap fashioned from decorative, floral scrollwork and neatly framing the ear - can be gently squeezed to comfortably fit your own ear; fastened at the lobe with one surgical steel ear-post.

For the left ear; a matching piece for the opposite ear is also available separately.


A whispering fairy familiar, your constant friend and benevolent guide.


It is critical that the Ear-Wrap can be formed to fit the ear properly, as no two ears are alike in size or shape. Alchemy's Ear-wraps are made of English Pewter which is perfect for gently bending into shape. Please note that this item may not be suitable for smaller than average sized ears, and repeated over-bending over time may cause the metal to fracture.

Single ear-wrap with stud piercing, packaged in an Alchemy branded bag, including Alchemy Guarantee, fitting and care instructions.


Alchemy jewellery and accessories are hand-made in England from the finest quality English pewter. Pewter is second only to silver and is now widely recognised as a semi-precious metal. Fine English pewter, like silver, may naturally tarnish dependent upon the conditions to which it is subjected. By adhering to the following guidelines you will prolong the life of your beloved Alchemy jewellery and restore to its original beauty.

  • To avoid damage or scratches, store your jewellery in the original packaging, wrap in a soft material or pop into a soft pouch when not in use.
  • To polish to a brilliant, high lustre, 'antiqued' patina finish with 'Silvo' polishing wad, (in an emergency, tooth powder or similar can be used).
  • To cleanse the jewellery, warm soapy water of very low concentration can be used. Do not submerge your jewellery apply the soapy solution with a soft cloth then polish to restore its original, beautiful lustre
  • In very rare cases your natural chemical makeup/ perspiration can cause harmless dark marks on your skin. These marks can be easily cleaned off your person. Should this occur as a preventative measure we recommend applying a very thin layer of clear nail polish to the underside of your jewellery.
  • It is important to remove jewellery when washing hands, bathing, swimming or using a hot tub.
  • Remove your jewellery when applying moisturiser, tanning products, perfume or hairspray.
  • Ensure your jewellery is removed prior to undressing and applied last when dressing.
  • Please do not put pewter in a dishwasher, this will seriously corrode the surface.
  • For your own safety please remove jewellery when playing sports or during vigorous activity.
  • Avoid hard contact for example banging, hitting, dropping or knocking your jewellery.

Fine English pewter is lead cadmium and nickel complaint (free) for UK, EU and USA regulatory standards.



 Alchemy of England
 Polished Antiqued Pewter
  73 mm
  44 mm
  17 mm
  14 g


Looking After Your Alchemy

Alchemy England pewter products are each hand-made from the finest quality English Pewter, which, like silver, may naturally tarnish dependent upon the conditions to which it is subjected. This may easily be polished to a brilliant, high lustre, 'antiqued' patina finish with 'Silvo' polishing wad, (in an emergency, tooth powder or similar can be used). Please do not put pewter in a hot, salty dishwasher, which might seriously corrode the surface.

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Alchemy is the best! And we guarantee our crafted pewter products to be hand made to the highest standards and of the finest materials, and we will therefore repair or replace any purchased item suffering from defects or faulty workmanship, at any time, free of charge!

Guarantee and Returns Policy

All of Alchemy England alternative lifestyle English Pewter jewellery and accessories are hand made in England to an unrivalled quality by Alchemy's own craftsmen. Therefore, we absolutely guarantee them against any defects or faulty workmanship and materials! - please note that this does not include general wear and tear or damage caused by the user/owner. This would include such things as surface darkening, (or patination), which is a natural effect, or forced and over-bending of bangles and ear-wraps, etc, which must be done gently to avoid fracture.

In case of any such defects, please return the offending item to Avothea and we will make the appropriate repairs or else replace the item like for like whenever possible. If the item is no longer available, we will offer a credit voucher to an amount equivalent to it’s original cost.

Items purchased from an independent retailer’s shop or webstore must be returned to that same business under their own conditions for credit or a refund, (usually this will mean, if the item has not been used and is returned in new and perfect condition, including its original packaging, within 14 days of purchase and accompanied by the receipt).

Returned items will remain the responsibility of the sender until recorded as being safely received by Avothea.

Avothea Gent is the recommended reseller of Alchemy Engeland Collection in Belgium.


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