Grace Bodice Deluxe - Brown

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Product Overview

Grase Bodice Deluxe is a bodice co-perfected in leather of the highest quality. Its lateral parts are of a medium thickness leather and its central part is of a beautiful engraved leather. In this way it retains the shape and maximizes comfort.

Whether to be in command of a pirate ship or to be the intrepid adventurer, the Grase Bodice Deluxe is a garment that you will not regret having in your outfit.

We use the best materials to make our leather garments, contacting national producers and making sure that the leather is in the best conditions, without presenting dryness or cracks. We make the finishes thinking of a continuous use, and therefore we try to make double seams and reinforced eyelets.

All our articles are created thinking about their use for historical recreation, medieval fairs, medieval weddings and Live Role or LARP events.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review